Enysto tank

ENYSTO heat storage

NWT has developed a heat storage tank ENYSTO, which with 2 000 l can store up to 160 kWh. Compared to a battery, this is a multiple of storage capacity. In combination with photovoltaics, it is the ideal solution to generate and store thermal energy yourself and to increase the degree of self-use of PV[…]

hydraulic sumulation

NWT has its own test laboratory for hydraulic simulations

Since middle 2021 NWT has established a hydraulic test-site for lab scale hydraulic modelling. It is specifically applied for analysing of flow distribution patterns and short cutting potential in settling tanks, biological tanks and SBR facilities as well as visualisation of possible bottom  deposits in mixing tanks and interconnecting channels. For various projects hydraulic-froud-laws have[…]

WWTP New Administrative Capital (NAC) in Egypt

The ambitious project for the new administrative capital in Egypt is in full swing. The completely new city for approx. 10 million inhabitants is located 80 km from the Nile River, but will still be supplied with  water from there. In addition to the administrative district, an airport, a 14-lane motorway and complete infrastructure, the[…]

Wastewater Treatment plant Kosovo

As part of the implementation of the new sewage treatment plant in Prizren / Kosovo, financed by Deutsche KfW, NWT takes on the so-called accompanying measures for the first operating phase. The measures include training and advising the staff as well as accompanying the day-to-day operation . The STP will be handed over to the[…]

River Ghana

Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Ghana

NWT will take over the design works and process engineering for a drinking water treatment plant in Ghana. The internationally financed project provides for the extraction of river water which is severely impacted by activities of upstream  gold mines and shows strong seasonal quality fluctuations. With 2,400 m3 / d, the system is not very[…]

Feasibility study for 8 Cities in Serbia

NWT is providing consulting services for the implementation of complete waste water schemes for 8 Medium Cities in Serbia within the KfW-financed project starting Nov 2019. The project comprises rehabilitation of sewer networks, storm water systems, pumping stations and 7 new waste water treatment plants with sizes between 50.000-150.000 p.e. Until end of 2020 the[…]