upgrade of an industrial waste water treatment plant in Indonesia

South Pacific Viscose – SPV, a member of the Lenzing Group is upgrading and reconfiguring it schemes for wastewater and sewage treatment in Indonesia. NWTs experts are steering the project implementation, comprising basically labscale test, evaluation of existing structures, feasibility design, basic design, tender preparation for the industrial effluents with a capacity of 60.000 m3/d[…]

Industrial WWTP Vietnam

NWT provides the services of conceptual and detail design as well es FIDIC Yello Book Tender preparation for a Industrial WWTP located in the Chu Lai open economic zone in Vietnam The plant shall comprise  a series of steps  phsysico-chemical treatment, biological treatment and sludge handling designed for  a capcity of 10,000 m3/d.

Water Treatment Project Serbia

For 2 small cities with arsenic reach groundwaters NWT is assigned the services for design and tender preparation. Dr. Demoulin will be the Water Treatment Experts in this Team. The Internationally Funded Scheme goes back on various lab-trial  and pilot scale studies which are now transferred and scaled up to the full scale plant. It[…]

Waste Water Management Project Nablus / Palastine

The Nablus Waste Water Management system is rehabilitated under a KfW scheme. NWT is providing services to elaborate Tenders for over 100 small industrial waste water treatment systems for stone cutters, Tahini factories, Olive Oil Mills, Jeans Factories etc. in order to optimize the operation of the Nablus East and West WW Treatment Schemes and[…]

NWT optimized WWTP for pulp industry

NWT  will optimize the aeration and air supply scheme at the industrial production site of one of the largest pulp and synthetic fibre producers in Europe. The overall plant has a design load of 60 tCOD/d and comprises a 2 stage anaerobic treatment followed by a 2 stage aerobic treatment scheme and shall be optimized to[…]